The Company


More than accountants (as you knew them to this day).
We do not only deal with numbers. Our passion is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs and owners of businesses, regardless of their size, allowing them to focus on their business goals.
In essence, we offer them the helping hand they need on their journey to even greater success protecting from bureaucracy, while ensuring full compliance with the applicable regulations.
We are an innovative accounting firm focused on providing integrated digital accounting services nationwide at the most competitive prices.
Wanting to be ahead of the developments, we give our customers the opportunity to adopt through our digital platform the automated (online) accounting information and evaluation.


Our vision

Having the following principles:
  • innovation
  • flexibility
  • technology
  • development
  • success
we created Opex to change up the role of the accountant as we know it to this day.


Our Values:

Our passion to build up Greek companies of all sizes based on modern international business standards
Our commitment to achieving your goals
Our responsibilityto providing our services with excellent quality and quantity criteria
Our integrity in delivering on what we promise
Our customer-centric approach The ability to adapt to your needs.


Legal entities 

We provide fully automated services related to the following mandatory procedures:
  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxes (VAT, Withholding Taxes, etc.)
  • Aggregate statements of customers, suppliers
  • Results (financial statements)
  • Reporting
  • Sellers – lists of expenses
  • GEMI – legalization documents


Natural Entities

Our automated services concern natural entities and more specifically:
  • Filing of tax returns (E1, E2, E3)
  • Real estate taxation (E9)
                Ε9. It is submitted once and in case of modification
                Ε2. The submission is carried out along with the tax return and when there is income from rents.
  • Asset and funds-source declaration


Business sectors

Legal entities concern for instance the following categories


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