We ensure the timely and complete submission of the tax obligations of our customers by constantly following the rules and the instructions of the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

Α. For businesses

  • Application of the Hellenic Code of Accounting Books and Record
  • Periodic VAT statement (debit – zero – credit)
  • Consolidated statements of customers – suppliers with a tax liability
  • Payroll taxes
  • Other withholding taxes
  • Fees and special duties
  • Company tax returns
  • Summary tables of Intra-Community transactions
  • Intrastat
  • Lists of Agreements
  • Debt settlements


Β. For natural entities

  • Income tax returns
  • E9 Property declarations
  • Submission of leases
  • Short-term Leases in the context of the sharing economy
  • Benefits
  • Debt settlements

Copies of the submission of the tax obligations are kept in the personal electronic file of our clients to which they have free access through their personal accounts on the platform

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