Opex SA digital accounting and tax services are live

   May 17, 2021

OPEX was the product of an innovative idea of transformation and evolution in the field of accounting services! With OPEX, companies of all sizes and individuals can receive digital accounting and tax services, without having to leave their house and without having to deal with bureaucracy! Offering immediate supervision of all works, OPEX is by your side at all times on your mobile or computer.

OPEX is an accounting company focused on providing integrated digital accounting services nationwide at the most competitive prices. Wanting to be ahead of the curve, we give our customers the opportunity to adopt through our digital platform the automated (online) accounting information and evaluation.

We simplify the procedures, we bring you closer to the digital age!

The OPEX digital platform, app.op-ex.gr, offers for the first time in Greece an innovative digital service for keeping books of businesses and freelancers, throughout the country, as well as full tax support – also electronically.

More than accountants (as you knew them to this day).

Our vision

With a long experience in the keeping of accounting books for large companies and thousands of individuals, we created OPEX with the aim of changing the role of the accountant as it was known to this day.

Having the following principles:

  • innovation
  • flexibility
  • technology
  • development
  • success

we envisioned a service that can directly and reliably support every natural person and every professional from the screen of their mobile phone!

Why do we, the people of OPEX, become your personal digital accountant?

  • We offer the most competitive prices, with lower charges than common accounting firms
  • We give our customers the opportunity to adopt, through digital platforms, the automated (online) accounting information and evaluation
  • We provide immediate and fast service with 24-hour support
  • We offer free personal & corporate file maintenance
  • We guarantee the security of your personal data
  • We are ahead of technological developments
  • Environmentally friendly as there is complete absence of printed material

Our Values:

  • Our passion to build up Greek companies of all sizes based on modern international business standards
  • Our commitment to achieving your goals
  • Our responsibility to providing our services with excellent quality and quantity criteria
  • Integrity in delivering on what we promise
  • Our customer-centric approach
  • The ability to adapt to your needs

Our team:

The OPEX team consists of capable executives with vast experience in the financial, accounting and tax field, which guarantees the safe and complete support of businesses and taxpayers. By closely monitoring every legislative change and by paying close attention to every detail, the OPEX team has been taking care of the tax profile of its customers for a number of years. That’s why it created the most innovative service to be by your side at all times!

The application (digital accounting and tax services):

It is simple and easy. The user follows the following steps:

  1. Register for free.
  2. Select a package based on your needs.
  3. Upload your supporting documents to the platform from a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  4. OPEX takes action by keeping your company books and completing your tax obligations.
  5. You make the required payments and we issue the corresponding invoices.
  6. An accounting and tax file is kept in your personal account.

We await to welcome you to app.op-ex.gr/ !