Obligation to post a sign at the company headquarters

   May 17, 2021
Obligation to post a sign at the company's headquarters stating that special purpose compensation or a repayable advance has been received. According to article 6 par. 5 of the General Division of Financial Services134/2020 and article 11 of General Division of Financial Services 148/2020, companies or freelancers who received the subsidy of 800.00 euros or an amount through the repayable advance, are obliged to post at a visible place a Sign in A3 size which will state: • The name of the beneficiary and the deed • The date of commencement of the deed • The total eligible cost • The percentage of funding • The postal code or other appropriate indication of location and the name of the country. • A laminated copy of the form in A3 size suffices. A similar announcement should be posted on the company's site. More specific: The recipient of the aid shall inform the public about the support it received from the Funds: (a) providing on its website, if available, a brief description of the deed, commensurate to the level of support, including its objectives and results, and indicating financial assistance from the Union; (b) placing at least one poster with information about the project (minimum size A3) that includes the financial assistance from the EU, in a place easily visible to the public, such as the entrance to a building. In the event that during the audit of the company by a competent control body it is found that the company does not comply with the terms hereof, or that false information was submitted, the relevant Managing Authority will be duly informed, and said Authority may issue a decision to fully recover the subsidy, in accordance with the joint ministerial decision on financial corrections. The calculation of recovery interest for the specific case is done from the date of granting the aid. Model sign to be posted:OPEX is here to keep you informed!